Rewatch Heroes of the Storm VODs from BlizzCon with the Virtual Ticket

From a raucous community showdown to deep dives into the design process, relive some of the best Heroes of the Storm moments from BlizzCon 2017 with the Virtual Ticket.

BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders also receive an in-game bonus item Heroes of the Storm: the Nexus Razorback Mount, BlizzCon 2017 Banner, Cartoon Nexus Razorback Spray, and BlizzCon 2017 Portrait!

Here are some of Heroes of the Storm highlights from BlizzCon that you can still watch with the Virtual Ticket:

Heroes of the Storm – Hero Deep Dive


Alex Kinabrew, Matt Villers, Kent-Erik Hagman, and Alex Neyman give an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the design process for the two newest additions to the Nexus, Hanzo and Alexstrasza, as well as the upcoming Stealth Update. Learn what it takes to get our Heroes ready for battle in the Nexus, and stick around for a Q&A with the audience.

Heroes of the Storm – What’s Next


Heroes developers Alan Dabiri, Travis McGeathy, and Matthew Cooper revisit the big hits from this past year and explore major changes that are coming soon to Heroes of the Storm, including the 2018 Gameplay Update, voice chat, and performance-based matchmaking.

Heroes of the Storm Community Gauntlet


Facing off alongside developers and Heroes streamers, contestants from the audience competed in a series of challenges designed to test their wit, agility, and Heroes game knowledge, all for the glory of becoming the first Nexus MVP.

The BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket will be on sale until November 28, and you’ll be able to enjoy this year’s Virtual Ticket videos through January 2018, complete with complete with English, German, French, Russian, or Korean subtitles.

You can also give a Virtual Ticket as a gift, complete with the in-game bonus items for Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft II, Diablo III, and Heroes of the Storm.

There was also a ton of incredible Heroes of the Storm esports action at BlizzCon—head to to watch all the exciting moments from the HGC Finals you might have missed!