Catch up on BlizzCon with the Virtual Ticket

BlizzCon may be over, but you can still check out lots of cool stuff with the Virtual Ticket.

While BlizzCon was loaded with big announcements and events for your favorite games, we also hosted a variety of panels that focused on other aspects of Blizzard and its community: sessions devoted to cosplay, discussions with Blizzard engineers, live art demonstrations, panels exploring our approach to storytelling, and much more. Here are just a few you might have missed...

Community Night


Join host Chris Hardwick and judges Darin De Paul, Jonny Cruz, and Panser as they judge the Talent Contest, and check out the Costume, Art, and Movie content winners, too!

Muse Concert


Watch Muse close out BlizzCon 2017! The Grammy Award–winning band took the stage on Saturday, November 4, delivering a stage-shattering conclusion to the celebration.

Stay Awhile and Listen – True Stories Live


Everyone at BlizzCon has their own unique story to share about how Blizzard has impacted their lives. Hear from Jeff Kaplan, Ben Brode, and Micah Chatterton as they narrate their touching, funny, and memorable experiences live.

Blizzard Art Live – Drawing and Sculpting


Join a trio of Blizzard artists as they walk though their craft. See a live sculpting exhibition, discover the techniques behind creating epic concept art—and learn a thing or two in the process.

LoreCraft – The Art of Storytelling


Hear from Blizzard’s lore masters and storytellers—Sean Copeland, Christie Golden, Mike Koizumi, George Krstic, Marc Messenger, and Robert Simpson—to discover how we build fantastic worlds and put together our most epic tales, and learn how to tell a story the Blizzard way.

Blizzard Art Live – In-Game Animation


From the swift slice of Genji’s blade to the wobbly walk of a baby murloc, how a character moves is integral to who they are. Join Blizzard animators Careena Kingdom, Casey McDermott, Matthew Boehm, Michael Cuevas, and Kevin Rucker as they dive into the tools and techniques they use to bring characters to life.

CodeCraft: Under the Hood with Blizzard Engineering, parts 1 and 2


Interested in the underlying technology that powers your favorite Blizzard games? Join Blizzard engineers as they talk shop about tools, tricks of the trade, and how to take steps to become a programmer.

DesignCraft – Building Blocks of Level Design


From notes on paper to basic wireframes, every map or dungeon starts somewhere. Join Blizzard level designers as they talk shop on building levels and what goes into creating a space for fun gameplay.

SoundCraft – An Interactive Blizzard Sound Demonstration


Did you know the sounds of zerglings in Heroes of the Storm come from pigs? Or that the murlocs’ distinctive gurgling is derived from yogurt? Help Blizzard's sound designers turn the most unlikely of objects into the most incredible sounds.

Blizzard Art Live – 3D Art and Digital Painting


Join a trio of Blizzard artists as they walk the audience through the art of their craft. See how 3D modelers build characters, witness digital painting techniques in action—and learn a thing or two in the process.

Exploring the Wide World of Blizzard Careers


You know it takes artists, designers, and engineers to make a game-but it also takes a ton of other skills you might not be aware of. Employees will tell their stories on how they found their place at Blizzard, sharing advice and insights on how your skills could lead you here too!

Behind Blizzard’s Worlds


Moderator Gerald Villoria chats with Allen Adham, Ben Thompson, and Jeff Kaplan as they discuss the early steps (and mistakes) of Blizzard development, from the days of Silicon and Synapse to ideations for future Overwatch heroes.

CosplayCraft 101: Taking Your First Step on the Path to Cosplay


Did all the awesome costumes at BlizzCon 2017 inspire you to want to start cosplaying yourself? Even the pros had to start somewhere! Pick up a few insider tips and tricks from the pros so you can kick off your cosplay today.

CostumeCraft: Cosplay Design & Fabrication


Ready to take on an advanced challenge? Join veteran cosplay creators as they guide you through the process of designing and fabricating real, wearable costumes based on intricate sci-fi and fantasy concepts.

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