BlizzCon 2011 Contest Winners

Hosted live from the Main Stage at the Anaheim Convention Center and broadcast to viewers around the world, the Dance and Costume contests have always been a highlight at BlizzCon -- and this year proved no different. We laughed, we cried, we cheered. More importantly, we were amazed by the exceptional amount of talent displayed by all of our participants.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of these two contests, as well as the winners of our online Fan Art, Song, and Movie contests. Their creativity, passion, and all-around craftiness have truly made BlizzCon 2011 an epic gamer experience.



First place --   Avery Faeth, StarCraft II Adjutant
Second place --   Christopher White, Paladin with Ashbringer
Third place --   Justin Floyd, Deathwing



First place --   Robert McNeill, dwarf male
Second place --   Kaitlin Riray, troll female
Third place --   Philip Florendo, orc male


Fan Art

First place --   超淵(Chaoyuan Xu),"Diablo III"
Second place --   Sang Han, "Shades of Azeroth"
Third place --   Toby Lewin, "Tyrael Versus Hell"



First place --   Ken Ashcorp, "PvP"
Second place --   Matthew Oxley, "LFG"
Third place --   Benjamin Stewart, "We Are The Horde"



StarCraft II

First place --   Jose Jacas, "Valencia Invasion"
Second place --   Jeffery Zimmer, "Can I Keep Him"
Third place --   Susan Williams, "And My Rifle"


World of Warcraft

First place --   Melvenor, "Warcraft II Unofficial Trailer"
Second place --   Jesse O'Connor, "Outbreak Lordaeron"
Third place --   Hans Nilsson, "Too Cute to Kill"