New BlizzCon 2017 Pre-Show Video Episodes – Week of October 25

BlizzCon is ONE WEEK AWAY! This is the last week of pre-show videos before the show begins, so be sure to check out a preview of this week’s videos below—some are free, and some are for BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket holders—then head over to the BlizzCon Watch page to catch them all.

2017 Year in Review —StarCraft II (Free)

Developers David Sum and Christopher Reed talk about this year’s changes and additions to StarCraft II.

Developer Q&A - Favorite BlizzCon Moments (Free)

Join Ion Hazzikostas, Jeff Kaplan, Michael Chu, Samwise Didier, Rachel Day, Alan Dabiri, and others as they chat about their favorite parts of BlizzCon.

Create Worlds - Join Blizzard (Free)

Take a peek inside Blizzard and learn how you can become part of it.

The Artist’s Journey with Jessica Dinh (Available with Virtual Ticket)

Jessica Dinh shares her path to Blizzard as she uses pencil and paper to create an incredible piece of art.

Learn more about what’s included with this year’s Virtual Ticket, then head over to the Blizzard Shop to order yours.