BlizzCon 2015 Talent Contest Spotlight: Pan-Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra

With BlizzCon next month, we wanted to take time to spotlight our Talent Contest finalists who you might see performing live during the Contests segment of the show Friday evening. Our next act we’re spotlighting is the Pan-Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra. They will mooooove you.

First, tell us a bit about your group and how you developed your act.

By sheer chance, a handful of musicians from across the country found themselves in the same Diablo III clan. Realizing it would be epic to reach out and find other Blizzard fans and musicians, the genesis of the Pan-Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra was born.

With members scattered from sea to shining sea, the idea is to have each player record their section individually then fully assemble the parts into an entire orchestrated whole. We currently have a roster of 12 players, and the PGBJO is looking to find even more players worldwide to create some seriously legendary musical projects centered around the amazing musical themes of Blizzard games.

Where is everyone from?

The BlizzCon 2015 lineup consists of Dr. and Mrs. Bassius from Salt Lake City, Utah; Saxoholic from St. Petersburg, Florida; YoungMonkey, originally hailing from New York; and Rev from San Francisco, California.

Which Blizzard games is everyone currently playing?

It might be easier to say which Blizzard games we aren’t currently playing. We clearly love Diablo, and Rev swears he would play more Heroes of the Storm if he weren’t so busy still farming Ashes of Al’ar.

How have Blizzard’s games inspired your act?

While there are many things we love about Blizzard Entertainment, one thing we have always found inspirational are the incredible and moving soundtracks that have been created for their franchises. The atmosphere and power they establish is a huge part of the Blizzard experience.

How can your fans find you?

Forthcoming videos and music from the Pan-Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra can be found at If you’re a Blizzard fan and musician and are interested in joining our merry band of miscreants, please contact