BlizzCon All Access Channel – Meet Your Tour Guides

BlizzCon is just a week away! Say hello to your Virtual Ticket hosts—your tour guides on the new BlizzCon All Access channel, and the people taking you around the show floor and beyond.


If you order the Virtual Ticket, the new BlizzCon All Access Channel will act as a guided tour through this year’s convention on both days of the show—and with four stages of game and community content, plus five esports stages, you’re going to need it.

The All Access Channel hosts will take you from stage to stage and around the floor, bringing you highlights of the events and activities taking place at the show. If you’re enjoying what you see in a panel and want to stick around for the whole thing, just select it from the Live tab.

In between, our hosts will be conducting exclusive in-depth interviews with Blizzard game developers and exploring the show floor. Tune in 10:30am PT on Friday to kick off the festivities with the free All Access pre-show before the Opening Ceremony begins.

Meet the hosts of this year’s BlizzCon All Access Channel!

Michele Morrow  @michelemorrow

Returning for her fourth BlizzCon, Michele Morrow is a host, actor, producer, and prominent personality in the nerd world. Most recently, she and her friend Jesse Cox co-created Good Game, a six-episode YouTube Red Original series (produced by Dan Harmon) that follows a misfit esports team trying to compete against the biggest orgs on the scene. Michele also hosted a daily esports show for Bleacher Report and has worked for Nerdist, ESPN2, Geek & Sundry, Polaris, Sony, and more. You can also catch her as the voice of Alleria Windrunner in Hearthstone and talking about her love for World of Warcraft in Looking For Group and Unlocked: The World of Games Revealed

Alex Albrecht  @alexalbrecht

Joining us for his third year in a row, Alex Albrecht is an American television personality, actor, podcaster, and movie producer. Alex is known for co-hosting the The Screen Savers, an hour-long computer and technology variety show that aired on G4techTV, as well as the podcasts Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show on the Revision3 network. He is currently hosting the weekly podcast The Half Hour Happy Hour with Alison Haislip on the Nerdist network, and is working on an independent sci-fi feature "Last" as the first feature film produced and distributed by his new company Mystopia Entertainment.

Malik Forte @Malik4Play

If you don’t know Malik for his previous stints at Nerdist and Bleacher Report, you might have seen him reporting on the action during the recently wrapped Overwatch World Cup Group Stage, which took him on a tour around the globe in preparation for the finals at BlizzCon. Malik will be returning for a third year to share the Virtual Ticket desk with Michele and Alex—and he’ll have a lot to talk about thanks to his deeper involvement in esports over the last year.  

Anna Prosser Robinson @AnnaProsser

Anna Prosser Robinson wears many hats: lead producer at Twitch Studios, founder of Misscliks, role-player for the Dungeons & Dragons show Dice Camera Action!, and globe-trotting host of gaming and geek culture events. She debuted in esports with coverage of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty tournaments, is a regular host at events like BlizzCon for Heroes of the Storm, and has become a fixture of the video game media landscape as a host and content creator. 

Rachel Quirico @SeltzerPlease

Rachel "Seltzer" Quirico joins the team for her fourth BlizzCon after hosting last year's Overwatch World Cup and two Hearthstone World Championships in years prior. Rachel also emcees a variety of competitive gaming events around the globe. Her esports coverage has been featured on TBS, Hulu, Disney, and more. She is also a regular host for Twitch where she interviews game developers, pro gamers, and live stream personalities.


In addition to the All Access Channel, the Virtual Ticket is bringing you bonus coverage from our crack team of BlizzCon Insiders who’ll be taking you into unexplored corners of BlizzCon, behind the scenes at Blizzard HQ, and beyond. Look for videos throughout BlizzCon Opening Week, during the convention, and in special VOD segments on the Watch tab. Here are some of the people helping you explore.

Jackie Craft @Jackiecrafts

Cosplayer and costume designer Jackie Craft has taken her passion for costume and prop making and turned it into a career. You many have seen her costumes and props in Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Mulligans series, on the Syfy series Cosplay Melee, or in the Advanced Cosplay series for this year’s Virtual Ticket. Jackie is an avid gamer who has been hooked on Blizzard games since she discovered Diablo as a kid.  

Simon ‘Lowko’ Heijnen @LowkoTV

For the first time, Simon ‘Lowko’ Heijnen will be joining us as a roaming reporter at BlizzCon. Lowko is an online content creator from the Netherlands who produces daily live and on-demand videos. His primary focus is on StarCraft II, but he plays all of Blizzard’s games and follows their esports scenes.

Susan ‘lilsusie’ Kim @lilsusie

Susie ‘lilsusie’ Kim is a veteran esports personality, host, translator, and interviewer. She’s known as the “mom of esports” the way she cares about players and her mission to bridge Korean and western cultures. Her ability to translate on the fly offers insight to the mindsets of players and teams; she’s excited to bring her knowledge of esports to BlizzCon this year and provide a window into the world she loves.

Robert Wing @RobertAWing

If you’ve watched competitive Hearthstone since 2015 or the recent World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Invitational, you’ll probably recognize Robert Wing. The beautiful, bald, bow-tie-wearing color commentator will be joining the Virtual Ticket team to take a closer look at the show and everyone coming out to enjoy it. When not cracking jokes on-camera, Robert works as part of Blizzard’s own esports team.