BlizzCon 2014 Talent Contest Spotlight: Awesome City Limits


As we get closer to BlizzCon, we wanted to take a few moments to shine the spotlight on our Talent Contest finalists you might see performing live during the Contests segment of the show on Friday evening. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing info about each of the finalists straight from the source, as well as a fun Q&A with the talented people who make up each act. We kick things off this week with Awesome City Limits, a band from California. Let’s hear what they had to say!


Who We Are

Awesome City Limits is a band hailing from the suburbs of Los Angeles who decided there weren't enough rock covers of movie, television, and video game music. ACL is dedicated to two missions: bringing rock music and geek culture together in a score-core fusion that will likely melt faces, and defending the limits of Awesome City. Band members include Vinny on guitar, Natalie on violin, Joe on the drums, Bebe on the keyboard, and Brent on bass. You’re welcome to find out more about us at

Awesome City Limits Q&A

If you and your friends could go camping somewhere in the Blizzard universe, where would you go?
Whimsyshire. No explanation needed.
Natalie: Gardens of Hope, so I could brag to all my friends that I literally went camping in Heaven.
Brent: I would probably head for the Redridge Mountains in Azeroth. Despite the ever-present risk of murlocs and gnolls, it has beautiful lakes, great fishing, and unforgettable views.
Bebe: Zangarmarsh, because it’s pretty.
Joe: Somewhere south of Astranaar; it’s very beautiful and serene, and it’s a short hike to the beach! But we’d have to mind the naga.

How long have you been playing Blizzard games, and which one was your first?
5 years, Diablo II
Natalie: 15 years, Warcraft II
Brent: 4 years, World of Warcraft
Bebe: 10 years, Diablo II
Joe: 15 years, Diablo I

If you could assume the role of one of the major figures from our games for a day—for example, Zeratul, Arthas, or Tyrael—who would you pick?
Tyrael. Archangel powers and sweet wings!
Natalie: Malthael. I’d be a hell of a reaper.
Brent: Arthas all the way. It’s good to be bad. Also, unlimited sno-cones.
Bebe: Jaina Proudmoore. She’s pretty badass and doesn’t end up dead—or undead.
Joe: Do I get to be Arthas Menethil, handsome paladin prince of Lordaeron, flirting with Jaina Proudmoore and going on awesome adventures with Uther? Or assume the role of lich king Arthas who spends his days sitting on a giant block of ice, brooding and managing the daily lives of rotting corpses and reanimated skeletons? Oh, who cares, I just want his long flowing hair!

Stave, dagger, sword, axe, mace, wand, or ion cannon? Why?
Ion Cannon. All these other things leave too much of a mess. I’d have to invest in a high-quality dust-buster though.
Natalie: Sword. Classic and reliable.
Brent: Dagger, because no matter how subtle the mage, a dagger in the back will still seriously cramp his style.
Bebe: Stave. I can smack you in the face and just as easily rain fire down on your head.
Joe: Ion Cannon. It just gets the job done!

Which vehicle or mount from any one of our games would you like to commute to work or school in?
Terran Vulture, because I’d be able to shoot slow drivers in front of me and drop spider mines on the people I cut off from behind.
Natalie: Tyrael’s Charger. I like horses!
Brent: Who wouldn’t want a Vulture? I’d have to be careful not to deploy the spider mines, though. A fast Griffon is a close second.
Bebe: A tie between the sea turtle and the faerie dragon.
Joe: Gnomish Gyrocopter because, duh, it’s awesome!

Be sure to check back Friday, October 17 for the next Talent Contest Spotlight!