GSL Finals Recap

GSL is known for its world-class StarCraft II play, and the October finals that took place at this year's BlizzCon once again took our breath away.

Duking it out for fifty million won were two of StarCraft II's most prominent juggernauts; the terran prince Moon "MMA" Sung Won was slated against the finely-tuned and oiled machine that is Jung Jon Hyun, or as he's better-known: Mvp.

Game one took place on Daybreak, and MMA was already prepared to take risks and reap their rewards. MMA went for a heavy proxy play, and ultimately Mvp's unfortunate scouting path and inability to prevent the following tank leap-frog forced Mvp to concede.

The second map for the series was Dual Sight and also quickly propelled itself into an interesting early game in which MMA used reapers to protect his sneaky expansion aggression. Mvp opted to go for a mech-based build against MMA's bio-based army, and MMA slowly abused and picked apart his opponent until arriving at his 2-0 lead.

Going into map three, Mvp was ready to mount a comeback and take some risks of his own on Tal'Darim Altar. MMA went for a very standard opening, but Mvp built towards a marine/tank timing push that completely demolished MMA's standard strat. The score was now MMA 2-1 over Mvp.

The fourth battlefield was Xel'Naga fortress, and by now both foes were ready to trade blows until the end. This map turned into a huge slugfest between high-action harassment and flawless macro madness, but ultimately MMA was able to edge out Mvp to further secure his lead.

Map five on Terminus RE turned into a base-race for the ages. After a high-octane match filled with rising tension, the action exploded into one of the most volatile and exciting base-races StarCraft II has ever seen. MMA showed the world why he was deserving of the crown, and took down Mvp in a convincing final game, sealing the series 4-1.

Please join us in congratulating Moon "MMA" Sung Won, the October GSL Champion! Not only does MMA win eternal fame for this prestigious achievement, but he also takes home a cool 50,000,000 KRW.