What is the GSL?

The GSL (Global StarCraft II League) is a StarCraft II tournament hosted by GOMtv in South Korea. Because of Korea’s long relationship with Blizzard and its thriving eSports scene, the GSL tournament competition has, from the very beginning, attracted the top Korean and foreign StarCraft II players from around the globe to compete in a truly world-class tournament setting.

The tournament features two leagues, Code S and Code A. Code S is something like the major leagues in baseball, where Code A is sort of like the minors. Players compete in Code A to earn the right to compete in Code S tournaments, but players can move between these leagues based on their performance from tournament to tournament. A season of GSL is quite short compared to traditional sports, and there are a number of different formats. Players are currently fighting it out in GSL October, which started on September 19, and ends on October 22 at BlizzCon.

For the first time ever, GOMtv will be holding the finals of a GSL tournament outside of Korea at BlizzCon 2011. StarCraft II terran prince MMA will be vying against terran juggernaut Mvp in a war to determine the rightful wearer of the GSL October winner’s crown. The action will be coming to you live on the StarCraft II Tournament Stage in Hall C at BlizzCon 2011. These GSL finals will also be shown on the big screen on the Main Stage at 9:00 p.m., so if you stick around to watch the Friday night contests, be sure to stay seated, as following the end of the contests the entire event will be broadcast to the main stage screen.

If you aren't able to join us at the convention this year but want to witness the matches firsthand, you can get the standard-definition action streamed straight to your living room for free, or you can pick up a BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket to see it all in vibrant HD.

The eSports action doesn’t end with BlizzCon. Be sure to check out GOMtv.net to watch some of the best StarCraft II eSports the world has to offer!