BlizzCon Store Preview Sale for Virtual Ticket Buyers Begins Today

Looking to pick up a real-world BlizzCon memento to go along with your BlizzCon Virtual Ticket? Between now and Tuesday, September 27 at 9:59 a.m. Pacific time, those who’ve ordered the BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket are able to shop for select items from the BlizzCon 2011 store (while supplies last) during our limited-time-only, online BlizzCon Preview Sale.

To participate, simply log in to the online Blizzard Store using the account you used to order your BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket, and click the BlizzCon Sale button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to browse this year’s selection.

Shop BlizzCon now!

If you haven’t yet ordered this year’s Virtual Ticket, there’s still time to do so and participate in the Preview Sale before it ends next Tuesday morning. And as a reminder, if you miss out on this sale, you’ll have additional opportunities to purchase BlizzCon merchandise in the future -- check out our previous blog for more information.