2011 China Battle.net Invitational

Have you been keeping up with all the exciting regional action leading up to the Global Battle.net Invitational? The 2011 China Battle.net Invitational kicks off tonight in Shanghai, as the top eight Chinese StarCraft II players and top four World of Warcraft Arena teams compete for prizes and glory in the gorgeous Shanghai M50 Creative Park. The winners will earn their share of a $52,000 prize pool and the right to represent China at the 2011 Global Battle.net Invitational held at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

Here are your competitors!

StarCraft II

Peng "TyLoo.WP" Wang (terran)
Hui "iG.Comm" Shen (zerg)
Dai "WE.Loner" Yi (terran)
Lei "iG.XiGua" Wang (zerg)
Xiang "iG.MacSed" (protoss)
Jun-feng "WE.LoveCD" (protoss)
Han-yu "VA.YHY" Yang (zerg)
Yan "TyLoo.Uhen" Luo (zerg)

World of Warcraft Arena Teams

LKD (death knight/paladin/warrior)
Toffy's Fan (druid/mage/priest)
GOA (rogue/shaman/warlock)
perfecT Winners (death knight/mage/rogue)

While VODs of the tournament matches will be available, you can catch all the action via live stream here starting at 6:00 p.m. PDT (9:00 a.m. CST). To watch the broadcast, provided courtesy of NeoTV, simply click on the "Live" button and install the required browser plugin. For the best viewing experience possible, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer.