Reminder! The updated deadline to transfer tickets is this weekend, September 15. Original post below.

If you purchased BlizzCon® 2019 Passes, BlizzCon Portal Passes, or BlizzCon Benefit Dinner passes, you now have until September 15 at 11:59 PDT to use AXS’s Transfer feature to permanently send one or more to other people—giving you a few more weeks to help sort out your plans.

While transferring tickets is optional, doing so will allow your guests to pick up their own badges and BlizzCon Commemorative Collectible statue at show registration without you. Here’s how to transfer:

Step 1: Go to or go to My Tickets in the AXS App (download for Android or iPhone), and choose BlizzCon 2019 as the event.

Step 2: Click Transfer and select which BlizzCon pass you would like to transfer. Each pass is linked to the specific BlizzCon Commemorative Collectible statue (Orc Grunt or Human Footman) you selected at the time of your pass purchase, so make sure you’re transferring the correct one.

Step 3: Click Continue. Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the person you’d like to transfer the pass to and click Next.

Step 4: You will receive an email confirming the transfer, and your friend will receive an email telling them that passes have been sent to them.

Step 5: Let your friend know they should download the AXS app and set up their AXS account. Once that’s completed, they’re all set!

Selling and Buying Passes

If your plans change and you find yourself unable to make it to BlizzCon 2019 after the Transfer option closes, you’ll still have the option to resell your pass through AXS’s Official Pass Exchange after the September 15 transfer deadline.

For anyone interested in attending BlizzCon, the Official Pass Exchange offers a convenient and secure way to find and purchase BlizzCon Passes, Portal Passes, or Benefit Dinner Passes directly through AXS’s resale marketplace. To learn more, visit

For more BlizzCon 2019 information and updates, visit