Attention all cosplayers, moviemakers, artists, and other creators throughout the Blizzard community!

Each BlizzCon, we look forward to seeing you take the stage to show the world your creativity and talent. With today’s announcement of BlizzCon® 2019, we wanted to give you a head’s up that entries for our Community Night contests will be opening up in the next few weeks to give you as much time as possible to perfect your work.

If you’ve been to multiple BlizzCons, you know that we’ve been evolving Community Night to deliver the best show we can for everyone watching and all the contestants participating. While we’re still finalizing details of this year’s contests, we wanted to let you know that we’re once again planning a cosplay contest and exhibition, talent contest, movie contest, and art contest, so it’s safe to go ahead and get started on your creations.

If you’re participating in the costume contest, we also wanted to give you a heads up on this year’s categories:

  • Artisan Crafting: This category focuses on the fine details, recognizing skills that really shine close-up, such as meticulous tailoring and embroidery or intricate leatherworking details.
  • Large-scale Fabrication: This category recognizes excellence creating costumes and props that are "larger than life," such as mechs, power armor, and so on. Please note that if you’re planning to work on something like that, there will be size and mobility restrictions similar to last year.
  • Weapons & Armor: This category recognizes the unique set of skills involved in crafting a battle-ready costume.
  • Group Construction: This category is for teams of three or more people who each made significant contributions to the creation of a single costume.
  • Outstanding Creation: This category recognizes costumes that are well-rounded and perfectly produced, or are outstanding in a way that does not fall in the other categories. 

Thanks as always for your passion and support, and for helping bring BlizzCon to life with your creativity. We’ll have more to share with you soon.

-The BlizzCon Community Night Team