BlizzCon 2018 Entry Points Update – Be Sure to Arrive Early!

BlizzCon 2018 is just around the corner! If you’re joining us in person at the Anaheim Convention Center, we wanted to share a few updates on how you’ll get into the show—including some enhancements to our security measures that you’ll want to be aware of.

Due to these new measures, we expect it will take extra time to get everyone into the convention area compared to past BlizzCon events, so please plan accordingly—and be sure to arrive early, especially if you’re interested in catching the opening ceremony live on Friday.

Convention Entry Points

First, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest security standards for conventions like BlizzCon, this year there will be metal detectors in addition to bag checks at each entry point where you show your BlizzCon badge. You’ll need to pass through these security measures every time you want to enter the convention area. The convention area encompasses some outdoor sections, so once you’re past the entry point, there will be plenty of ways to move freely between the Arena, the North Hall, and Halls A through D without passing through security again.

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The map above shows the 4 main entry points for general attendees. Unless otherwise noted below, these checkpoints are scheduled to open at 6am PT on Friday and Saturday. Please note that once you’re through a checkpoint, the entrances to the main halls do not open until shortly before the show’s scheduled 9:30 a.m. start time. Depending on where you’re arriving from and where you want to start your day, you’ll want to go to one of the following locations:

  • Grand Plaza Main Entrance – Our largest entrance, located at the end of the Grand Plaza near the roundabout on Convention Way. Additional side entrances will be accessible on the other end of the Grand Plaza later in the day. We recommend heading here for events and stages in Halls A–D or the Overwatch Arena.
  • North Hall Entrance A – Located close to Katella Avenue, this is ideal for the events and activities in the North Hall. We recommend this entrance if you’re interested in watching the Opening Ceremony from the Hearthstone, Legendary, or Epic stages.
  • Registration & Store Entrance – Located close to the registration area (badge pickup) and the BlizzCon Store. This checkpoint will be open on Thursday at 6am as well in order to accommodate badge pickup, which starts at 8am.
  • Hall E Back Entrance – This small entrance also leads into the registration area and BlizzCon store. It’s located behind the convention center near the corner of West street and Transit Plaza, and is convenient if you plan to park in Lot 4.

There are also several additional ADA accessible entry points for attendees with disabilities. Please see the map above to locate them.

Special note for cosplayers: If you are planning to cosplay at the convention and bring permitted props or fabricated costumes into the show (learn more about what’s permitted), please make sure to use the Grand Plaza Main Entrance, North Hall Entrance, or Registration & Store Entrance. These are the only entrances that will be able to facilitate getting you through security.

More to Know Before You Go

For more information on event rules, restrictions, and other information about attending the show in person, visit the Event Info section of the BlizzCon website. In the Event Rules and Details subsection, you’ll find details on:

  • Item Restrictions, including bag sizes, rules for props, and a list of items that are NOT allowed at the show
  • Information on BlizzCon Code of Conduct
  • Accessibility Information, including contact info for attendees who need to reach out about accommodations.

Opening Ceremony on Multiple Stages

As with last year, the opening ceremony will take place live on multiple stages, including the Mythic Stage (Hall D), World of Warcraft Esports stage (Hall C), Hearthstone Esports stage (North Hall, Level 1), and the Overwatch Arena (in the Arena). The entire opening ceremony will be simulcast onscreen throughout the convention center as well. Be sure to scout out the main BlizzCon show map to plot your course and determine which entrance might be the best one for where you’re headed!