Delve Into “Dungeon Mastery With Matt Mercer” – Watch Now

Get tips, tricks, and more from talented artists across the Blizzard community in Level Up!, an original BlizzCon video series. Gather your party and prepare for adventure with the third episode, “Dungeon Mastery with Matt Mercer – Part 1”—a two-part special on the ins and outs of the critical role of dungeon master in tabletop RPGs.

Watch the third episode of Level Up! free now. You can also unlock even more original BlizzCon video content with the Virtual Ticket—visit the Watch tab or download the BlizzCon Mobile app to start exploring.

Catch Up on These BlizzCon Videos

The BlizzCon season is underway, and there’s still plenty more on the way. Catch up on these recently added BlizzCon 2018 videos and more, available now in the Watch tab and in the mobile app.

Universe Builders: Vintage Vinyl
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Check out how Blizzard audiophiles have stayed true to vinyl in the digital age, and what's up next on the turntable.

Drawn to Adventure: Inspiration Everywhere
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In the third episode of Drawn to Adventure, join Blizzard artists for a look at how they get inspired to create iconic heroes and worlds.