BlizzCon Opening Week Is Live! Watch in Your Language

BlizzCon Opening Week has begun! Once again, the initial matches for the Heroes Global Championship (HGC), StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS), and the WoW Arena World Championship will kick off the BlizzCon festivities in the days before the main event. More information on the tournaments taking place at Opening Week (and how you can snag tickets!) can be found here.

Esports competitions and available language streams* include:

Hearthstone Global Games

Stream Language
Hearthstone English
HearthstoneFR French
MorningStars Italian
C4mlann German
HearthstoneRU Russian
OGSeries Spanish
Nayara Sylvestre Portuguese (LatAm)
Shodda Spanish (LatAm)
HearthstoneKR Korean
HearthstoneTW Traditional Chinese
SmokinFalcons Vietnamese
HearthstoneTH Thai
HearthstoneJP Japanese

Overwatch World Cup

Stream Language
Overwatch English
Overwatch Youtube English
MLG English
ESPN3 Linear TV English
DisneyXD Linear TV English
OGamingOverwatch French
MorningStars Italian
VecetTV Portuguese
StarLadder Russian
TitanmediaES Spanish
YLE Linear TV Finnish
VecetTV Portuguese (LatAm)
KerykeionTV Spanish (LatAm)
PlayOverwatchKR Korean
OverwatchKR Youtube  Korean
Naver Korean
CyberZ Japanese
CyberZ Linear TV Japanese
BlizzardTW Traditional Chinese
BlizzardTW Youtube Traditional Chinese
163 Chinese
Zhanqi Chinese
Panda Chinese

WCS Global Finals

Stream Language
StarCraft English
MLG English
TakeTV German
OGamingSC2 French
emstarcraft Polish
ESL SC2 Polish
Starladder Russian
DeathzoneTV Portuguese (LatAm)
HorussTV Spanish (LatAm)
StarCraftTW Traditional Chinese
LuciaTV Korean
CrankTV Korean
StarCraftKR Korean - SC:R Showmatch

Arena World Championship and MDl All Stars

Stream Language
Warcraft English
WarcraftFR French
WarcraftDE German
WarcraftRU Russian
Mika Italian
UniversityEsportsTV Spanish
Assani Spanish (LatAm)
Nanda Portuguese (LatAm)
WarcraftKR Korean

HGC Finals

Stream Language
BlizzHeroes English
BlizzHeroesFR  French
BlizzHeroesDE German
piudidue Italian
theWilQ Polish
Akfon Turkish
BlizzHeroesRU Russian
hotseaoficial Spanish
Playingalot Portuguese (LatAm)
Zodaklatino Spanish (LatAm)
BlizzHeroesKR Korean
BlizzardTW Traditional Chinese

*Please note that this list is subject to change and not all language streams will be available at all times.