BlizzCon 2018 Contest Registration Now Open

The time has come to submit your masterful movies, astonishing art, carefully crafted costumes, and terrific talents for a chance to be part of BlizzCon 2018! Head over to our Contest page to submit your entry and learn more about the epic prizes up for grabs this year, and we’ll see you at BlizzCon Community Night for the epic contest culmination!


As we mentioned last month, we made some significant changes to the costume festivities this year, including splitting things up into a Costume Contest featuring the top 25 finalists, and a separate Costume Exhibition that gives cosplayers a chance to show their creations to the BlizzCon audience.


Submission Deadline: August 18, 2018

Want a chance to be in the winner’s circle on stage during Community Night? The Costume Contest is for you!

When you submit your entry, make sure to mention in the Description field whether you’re entering in the Individual or Duo Construction category or the Group Construction category. If you ultimately end up as part of the top 25, you’ll be placed in one of the following five categories (each with five finalists) at the judges’ discretion: Individual or Duo Construction, Group Construction, Artisan Crafting, Large-scale Fabrication, or Makeup & Special Effects.

In addition, as we mentioned in the original announcement, this year we will be checking in with contestants regularly to ensure their progress is on-track. Here are the checkpoints you need to be aware of:

  • Initial submission: Demonstrate at least 25% completion. This can entail design and concept drawings showing what your finished costume will look like, working drawings for individual pieces, lists of materials, and a construction timeline. Work-in-progress pictures are optional at this stage. (Submissions close August 18.)

  • September 14 Checkpoint: Demonstrate at least 50% completion. You will need to provide work-in-progress pictures and 360 degree video of your costume, posted on a social media account you create specifically for this purpose (do not use your personal account!) and submitted via email. You costume must also be wearable (even if final materials aren’t yet used); patterning and cutting must be complete; and your fabrication should have begun.

  • October 15 Checkpoint: Demonstrate at least 90% completion. Submit new work-in-progress pictures and a 360-degree video showing that you can walk, go up a minor slope, and have adequate arm/knee/elbow mobility in your costume. At this point, you must only have minor cosmetic work yet to be completed. You’ll also need to submit a video that helps us get to know who you are and the background behind your costume.

Contest administrators will be contacting contestants directly at various stages for these checkpoints. With all the changes to the Costume Contest this year, please make sure to read the complete official rules.


Submission deadline: October 15, 2018

On Friday afternoon, we’ll be hosting a separate Cosplay Exhibition giving more BlizzCon cosplayers a chance to walk the stage! If you’re interested, submit your entry before October 15. Exhibition participants will be confirmed at BlizzCon cosplay registration on Thursday, November 1. Read the complete official rules for all the details.

Also new this year: All Top 25 Costume Contest and Costume Exhibition participants will receive an email with an assigned registration time on Thursday. You do not need to be in your costume for Thursday registration; costume checks, if required, will take place backstage during the Costume Exhibition on Friday.


Submission deadline: August 18

Have a hidden talent or special skill you want to showcase in front of the Community Night crowd? Get creative and show us what you’ve got! Check out the contest page and official rules for details.


Submission deadline: August 18

Create an epic piece of original Blizzard-themed art and show everyone at BlizzCon what you’re capable of! Check out the contest page and official rules for details.


Submission deadline: August 18

Fancy yourself a filmmaker or a master of machinima? Produce an original movie using live action, animation, or using in-game footage from Blizzard games and you might end up seeing your creation up on the BlizzCon silver screen. Check out the contest page and official rules for details.

Questions? Email us at

Good luck!