Diversity Meet-Up at BlizzCon

The Blizzard community is global and diverse, and this is something we cherish. We’re proud of how our players and our workforce reflect the spectrum of cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and interests that make up the world we live in—it’s cool we’re not all the same. It helps make life more interesting and rewarding. That’s why we think it’s important to find new ways to recognize who we are as a global community. We know that this is important to many others in the community too. Time and time again, we’re inspired by how our players celebrate and support each other’s differences.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce a new space at BlizzCon this year that we’re calling the Blizzard Diversity Meet-Up.

The Diversity Meet-Up (located in the North Hall on Level 2) is for all attendees who are interested to join discussions about diversity in gaming and in life. One of our loftier goals for the space is to make it a place for people to share their experiences as they relate to diversity and inclusivity, whether in our games or within our community. To that end, we’re going to encourage group discussions, and Blizzard employees will be there to share their stories as well. We’re also there to answer any questions attendees may have about how Blizzard is supporting diversity from a workforce and hiring standpoint.

We see the Blizzard Diversity Meet-Up at BlizzCon as a celebration of our community and another way to enrich how we interact with each other. That’s the inspiration for bringing it to the show. We look forward to seeing you there, hearing your ideas and experiences, sharing our own, and coming together as we do every year to embrace our inner geek and everything else that makes us who we are.