Blizzard Collectible Pins, BlizzCon Trading, and You!

BlizzCon is almost upon us…and that means a brand new series of Blizzard Collectible Pins to collect and trade! If you’re attending BlizzCon this year, the Darkmoon Faire will be your primary destination for pin purchases and trading activities. 

Series 4 Pin Packs

The Series 4 Pin Packs will feature one of ten new character designs: Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, Mercy, Sombra, Anduin Wrynn, Samuro, Necromancer, Alarak, or Nemsy Necrofizzle—and each character also has a sculpted gold variant, for a total of 20 different pins.

Series 4 Pin Packs are available now through the BlizzCon pre-sale at You can acquire pins at the BlizzCon Store starting Thursday, November 2 and at the Darkmoon Faire Pin Shop beginning Friday, November 3.


This year, we’ve got some exciting new pins in the Pin Shop:

  • We’re debuting a line of commemorative Esports Pins this year. You can find these at the DMF Pin Shop and the esports merchandise booth on the convention floor.


  • Overwatch Cute But Deadly Collection Pins will be available for individual purchase.


  • The Hearthstone Power Core Card Back Collector’s Edition Pin, a Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces


  • The Overwatch Pachimari Collector’s Edition Pin, a Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces.


  • The D.Va Oversized Character Pin, a Limited Edition of 2,000 pieces.


  • The Overwatch Oversized Logo Pin, a Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces. This pin was initially released at San Diego Comic-Con, where a portion of the print run was first made available.


  • An Overwatch Anniversary Logo pin
  • The 2017 Gold Merchy pin
PinTrading_BC_Embed-08OWAnniversary-S_MB.jpg PinTrading_BC_Embed-09Merchy-S_MB.jpg

Collection Support Products

If your Blizzard Pin collection is too much for a single lanyard or pin wrap to contain, we’re introducing a Deluxe Pin Carrying Case designed to hold and display over a hundred pins. It even comes with a bonus gold Blizzard logo pin!


Do you have a pin that you want to display on your brand new BlizzCon backpack without worrying about it falling off? Designed to help you in a pinch, we’re offering packs of Blizzard blue pin backers and packs of metal locking pin backers.



This year, we’ve got four different ways you can trade. First, the new Ethereal Trading Emporium!

Located next to the Pin Shop and trading boards, the Ethereal Trading Emporium will provide expanded trading tables for all BlizzCon traders. This is the place to go to find collectors seeking trades for Blizzard collectible pins, capsule toys, vinyl figures, and the new BlizzCon backpack Velcro badges.

Ethereal Trading Emporium Rules:

  1. Play nice, play fair
  2. No cash for trade transactions in the convention hall

Second, the Pin Trading Booth!

If you’re not quite ready to wheel and deal at the open trading tables, we recommend you visit the Pin Trading Booth. Here, you can trade with Blizzard staff to help complete your collection.

Rules for the Pin Trading Booth:

  1. Collectors can trade up to two different pins at a time
  2. Trades are one pin for one pin
  3. A gold pin can only be traded for another gold pin
  4. The board will accept any Series 4 Pin Pack pin

Throughout the day, we’ll refresh the board with Series 4 pins and Blizzard Collectible Pins from older sets.

Every attendee will receive a pin pack with their goody bag. Whether you want to exchange your pack for a different character or swap for a previous series pin, this is your trading destination.

Third, we have the Community Trading Boards!

These boards will be located near the Ethereal Trading Emporium. We’ll bring them out about an hour after the convention opens each day. The boards will be stocked with Series 4 pins each morning, but what happens after that will be up to the community.

The boards will have line stanchions to help collectors self-organize and maintain an ongoing trading line. Otherwise, they will be mostly unattended by Blizzard staff.

These boards will feature signage with two simple trading rules:

  1. If you take a pin, leave a pin
  2. Play nice, play fair

You can leave any (family friendly) collectible pin on the board. Pinny Arcade, Disney, and community-created pins can all be traded here. With this program, we’d like to see how the community supports the pin diversity and trading opportunities for new collectors.

Feeling altruistic? Trade a duplicate pin from your collection to the board if it’s not currently available. Are you a community pin creator? Leave some of your amazing pin designs on the board for others to trade and collect. 

Lastly, be sure to look out for our Community Team Pin Traders!

Members of the Community Team will be wearing Blizzard pin trading lanyards in the Darkmoon Faire area. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask if they’d like to make a pin trade.


Rules for Community Team Pin Lanyard Trading:

  1. Collectors can trade for up to two different pins per community member per day
  2. Trades are one pin for one pin
  3. A gold pin can only be traded for another gold pin
  4. You can trade with any Blizzard Collectible Pin from any series

Good luck pin traders! We’ll see you at BlizzCon!