New BlizzCon 2017 Pre-Show Video Episodes – Week of September 20

Greetings, adventurers! BlizzCon may be six weeks away, but we’ve got five new videos this week to tide you over while you wait. Check out a preview of what’s available below—some free, and some for BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket holders—then head over to BlizzCon Watch page to catch them all.

Advanced Cosplay with Jordan Duncan, Episode 1 (Free)

Follow Jordan of Henchman Props as he walks through the process of carefully crafting his BlizzCon 2017 Diablo-themed Necromancer costume, starting with the centerpiece of his look: the belt buckle.


2017 Year in Review – Heroes of the Storm (Free)

Join Samwise Didier, Kaeo Milker, and Alan Dabiri as they discuss the past year’s changes in the Nexus for Heroes of the Storm.


Advanced Cosplay with Jordan Duncan, Episode 2 (Accessible with Virtual Ticket)

Join Jordan as he continues building his haunting BlizzCon attire; this episode, he’ll show you how he’s sculpting his shoulder piece.


Casual Cosplay – D.Va (Accessible with Virtual Ticket)

Tune in to see how Megan Duck creates a casual cosplay of Overwatch’s D.Va!


Blizzard Vault, Episode 3 (Accessible with Virtual Ticket)

Follow us as we venture into the Blizzard Museum to hear the heartwarming stories from Blizzard’s community with Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan, World of Warcraft Level Designer Gary Platner, and Chief of Staff Shane Dabiri.


Learn more about what’s included with this year’s Virtual Ticket, then head over to the Blizzard Shop to order yours.