Don’t Forget—BlizzCon Ticket Name Change Deadline Approaching!

If you purchased BlizzCon 2017 tickets for family or friends for any of the three general attendee sales or the Benefit Dinner sale, you have until Friday, July 14 at 8 p.m. PDT to edit attendee information via your Universe account, including:

  • Full name of each attendee (used at badge pick-up and printed on badges)
  • Valid email address for each attendee (used to receive BlizzCon-related communications)
  • Character name (optional) (printed on badges)

To edit attendee names and emails:

  1. Visit and select Sign In.
  2. Under your profile name in the top right, open the dropdown menu and select Dashboard.
  3. Under the My Ticket subheading, click on your ticket.
  4. Select Edit Guest Info to edit the attendee info from the dropdown menu

Note: If you change the name of an attendee, only the ticket bearing the name of the final attendee can be used to claim the badge. Names will be verified at the time of badge pickup.

Finally, if you’re still not sure who’s attending, make sure you’ve entered your own name and email address for each ticket you purchased (for up to 4 separate tickets)—in this case, remember that you’ll need to pick up all badges yourself and distribute them to your guests at the show. For more info, check out the Badge Information page.