Characters Come to Life at the BlizzCon Voice Actor Stage!

Cheers, love! Are you ready for two days of iconic dialogue, wacky one-liners, and voice acting skills of heroic proportions? If so, you’re in luck—the BlizzCon Voice Actor Stage is back with a legion of talented folks who have helped bring some of our most memorable characters to life.

If you’re attending BlizzCon in person, head to the Darkmoon Faire on the third floor to hear from your favorite heroes and characters, have a laugh, and take a peek behind the scenes of your favorite Blizzard games. Check out the schedule of activities for the Voice Actor Stage below.

Welcome Session
Friday, 12:30pm–1pm Come help us kick off the 2016 Voice Actor's Stage! Join Blizzard's Casting and Voice Director (and stage host) Andrea Toyias to learn about the craziness planned for this year's stage. Stop by, say hello, and get to know each other before the fun begins.
Warcraft: Your Class! Your Champions!
Friday, 1 pm–2:15pm
Your story. Your class. Your Order Hall Champions. Join us as we celebrate the iconic voices who bring World of Warcraft: Legion's vibrant Order Halls to life. Hear their sounds and their stories, and explore how these actors help bring the fantasy soundscape of each class to life.
Live from the Nexus: Heroes Comedy Hour
Friday, 4:30pm–5:45pm

Start with some of the wildest characters from Blizzard's games, throw them into one big pot, then stir it up good and proper! Join us as we invite a mix of Heroes of the Storm actors onto a stage, give them some wacky words to read, and see what happens next. It's sure to be a crazy afternoon!

Inside the StarCraft Studio: Jim Raynor & Sarah Kerrigan
Saturday, 11am–12:15pm

Join us for an intimate chat with one of Blizzard's most beloved couples: Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. Cozy up as we take a look at our star-crossed lovers, dig deep into their relationship, and explore the ups and downs of their epic story.

United Nations of Overwatch
Saturday, 2:30pm–3:45pm

Attention all heroes of Overwatch! Join us on the Voice Actor's Stage for a meeting of Overwatch minds—and voices. The international flags of Overwatch will be unfurled as we introduce you to the actors from across the globe who bring the heroes of the Overwatch universe to life.

Note that all of the events occurring at the Voice Actor Stage are only available to those attending BlizzCon in person. Autograph sessions follow each of these events—check out the complete BlizzCon schedule for Friday and Saturday for more.

Meet the Players

An ensemble cast of voice-acting stars will be joining us over two days at the show—here are just some of the talented players.