Visit the Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon 2016!

The Hearthstone Tavern is back and better than ever at BlizzCon 2016!

BlizzCon’s Hearthstone Tavern is a sight to be seen, and you’re invited to join your fellow patrons at a Fireside Gathering for the ages!

Challenge your friends and make new ones as you enjoy a true Tavern experience, complete with a live band and Hearthstone-themed refreshments!

PlayingCards_200x200.jpgWant to regale your new friends with an epic Hearthstone tale? Come and duel a Hearthstone developer and chat about how they helped bring Hearthstone to life.

Come watch Hearthstone artists bring drawings to life! Discover who worked on your favorite cards and learn about their techniques as they put pencil to paper while talking shop. You never know what they might sketch next!


You won’t want to miss the excitement of the Hearthstone Championship Tour, so put your boots up in the Tavern and watch the matches unfold on the big screen! We’ll have every moment of the Hearthstone Championship Tour playing in the Tavern, so be sure to cheer on your champion with your friends.

The Hearthstone Tavern is located on the third floor of the convention center. Check out the BlizzCon 2016 map for details.

Fireside Gatherings aren’t just brought to life at BlizzCon—create one of your own or find one near you at!