BlizzCon 2015 Artists Stage

Heading to BlizzCon in person? Watch some of your favorite Blizzard artists give live demonstrations at the BlizzCon Artists Stage, located between Halls A and B in the Anaheim Convention Center! Artists adept at a variety of disciplines—from traditional drawing and sculpting to digital painting and 3D modeling—will be taking the stage throughout the show, guiding attendees through their creative processes and answering questions about their craft.

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Laurel D. Austin  
  Cole Eastburn
adp_BC_artists_blog_embedded_Thumb_JL.jpg adp_BC_artists_blog_embedded_Thumb_JM.jpg
 Jimmy Lo     
Joshua Manning     
Brian Fay

Check out the schedule of who’s appearing on the Artists Stage on Friday and Saturday below!

Friday, November 6

Digital Painting: Laurel D. Austin
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Brian Fay
3D Modeling: Alvaro Buendia

Digital Painting: Joshua Manning
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Mike Franchina
Digital Painting: Chris Amaral

Digital Painting: Tyson Murphy
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Wendy Vetter
FX: Julian Love

Digital Painting: Jerry Mascho
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Jomaro Kindred
Animation: Hunter Grant

Saturday, November 7

Digital Painting: Luke Mancini
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Jimmy Lo
3D Modeling: Simon Fuchs

Digital Painting: Cole Eastburn
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Eric Braddock
3D Modeling: Roman Kenney

Digital Painting: Nick Carver
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: John Polidora
Animation: Ryan Denniston

Digital Painting: Peter C. Lee
Traditional Drawing/Sculpting: Samwise Didier
Animation: Michael Cuevas