Blizzard Pin Trading

Blizzard pin trading returns to BlizzCon this year with Series 2 Pin Packs—along with a few new surprises. You’ll find the Pin Trading Booth located within the new Darkmoon Faire section of the convention floor.

This Year’s Pinultimate Offerings

This year’s Blizzard Collectible Pins will have a number of new features, including a collector series backstamp, Blizzard logo imprint, and custom Blizzard ‘B’ shaped rubber clutches.


Series 2 Pin Packs

Series 2 Pin Packs will feature one of 10 new character designs to collect: Thrall, Jaina, Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Raynor, Artanis, the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Tracer, and Winston. You’ll also have a chance to find rare, engraved gold versions of the 10 base designs randomly inserted in the pin packs. Series 2 Pin Packs will available at the BlizzCon store and at the Blizzard Pin Trading Booth, and are also available now through the online Gear Store for those who purchased a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. 








WoW Cute But Deadly Lanyard Pin Set

The WoW Cute But Deadly Lanyard Pin Set features a custom lanyard and Cute But Deadly pin versions of Illidan, Arthas, Sylvanas, and Tyrande. It includes everything you’ll need to start and display your Blizzard pin collection.



A Murkidan Pin in Every Goody Bag

The Murkidan pin will be included in every BlizzCon Goody Bag. In addition, a special gold version of this pin will be given out as a gift when you make qualifying purchases from the BlizzCon Store, Pin Trading Booth, and online Gear Store. For every $100 in your order (before taxes and shipping), you’ll receive one gold Murkidan pin (while supplies last). 


New Collector’s Edition Pin

This year we’re introducing our first Collector’s Edition Pin. This limited edition of 2,015 pins features a premium version of Alexstrasza from the Series 2 Pin Packs in a custom display box. These pins will only be sold at the Blizzard Pin Trading Booth.


Hearthstone – Fireside Gathering Pin

We will also premiere a new Fireside Gathering Pin that will be available at select Fireside Gathering events throughout 2016. As an added bonus, BlizzCon 2015 attendees will have the first opportunity to collect these pins at the Hearthstone Tavern by competing in a micro-tournament, dueling and defeating one of the devs, or by answering some Hearthstone Trivia. 



The Pin Trading Booth will once again feature a pin board, where players can trade for pins to complete their collections. 

The rules for the trading board are as follows:

  • Players can make up to two trades each time they approach the board.
  • Trades are one pin for one pin, and a gold pin can only be traded for another gold pin.
  • This year the board will only be available for trading Series 1 & 2 Blizzard Collectible Pins.

We will not be accepting trades for BlizzCon Cloisonné Pins, Pinny Arcade, Warcraft Movie, or older Blizzard pins. However, we encourage you to bring these awesome pins, as other collectors may be interested in trading them with you.

In addition to the trading board, members of the Blizzard community team will be wearing special pin-trading lanyards. You’ll encounter these team members in community team–supported booths in the Darkmoon Faire area and other parts of the convention.

You’ll be able to identify them by their “Community Team” shirts and pin-trading lanyards.  


Rules for pin trading with community-team members are as follows:

  • Players may make up to two trades per community member per day (multiple team members will be participating).
  • Trades are one pin for one pin, and a gold pin can only be traded for another gold pin.
  • They will only accept Series 1 & 2 Blizzard Collectible Pins as trades for their pins.

Remember, only community team members wearing these custom shirts and lanyards are always going to be willing to trade. If you run into other Blizzard employees wearing Blizzard pins from their personal collections, they’re participating just like any other attendee—just ask if they’re interested in trading!

While Series 1 pins will not be available for sale at BlizzCon this year, they will be appearing on both the trading board and community team lanyards. You may even be able to find one of the super rare series 1 promotional pins from last year.

We wish you the best of luck in your pin trading quest, and we’ll see you at BlizzCon!