Meet Your BlizzCon 2015 Virtual Ticket Hosts

Your BlizzCon 2015 adventure begins in just a few weeks! If you’re joining the party from home with the Virtual Ticket, allow us to introduce some of your dungeon guides: the hosts of the Virtual Ticket and DIRECTV broadcasts, covering the Main and Panel stage channels this year!

Michele Morrow (@michelemorrow)

Actress, undead hunter, and voice of Alleria Windrunner Michele Morrow returns to co-anchor the show from the DIRECTV desk this year, where she’ll be conducting interviews and providing commentary in between the panels and other activities on the main stage both days of the show. Michele hosted Heroes of the Dorm, which aired on ESPN2, and made her BlizzCon debut in 2014—we’re thrilled to have her back!

Alex Albrecht (@alexalbrecht)

Joining Michele this year at the DIRECTV desk is Alex Albrecht, host of popular geek-culture TV shows like G4’s The Screen Savers, creator of the World of Warcraft podcast and website Project Lore, and 50% of the Half Hour Happy Hour podcast. In between BlizzCon co-anchoring gigs, look for him hanging out in the Nexus.

Malik Forté (@Malik4Play) gaming editor, Crewham member, and correspondent Malik Forté has been a part of multiple Blizzard events, including Heroes of the Storm: The Mayhem Begins, and we’re excited to welcome him to the BlizzCon 2015 Virtual Ticket crew! Malik will be contributing to multiple facets of the show, exploring the show floor and much more.

Wil Wheaton (@wilw)

In case you missed the announcement earlier: Wil Wheaton will be hosting this year’s BlizzCon costume and talent contests on Friday night! Wil is the author of books like Just a Geek, the creator of the popular board-gaming show TableTop, a prolific podcaster, and much more. He also blogs a bunch at—check out his recent entry on gearing up for BlizzCon.

The action begins November 6 and 7, and you can pick up a Virtual Ticket now to be a part of it. We’ll also have plenty of eSports action throughout the show, and we’ve got some awesome hosts and casters lined up for this year’s tournaments—stay tuned for more details. We hope you can join us!