BlizzCon 2014 Contest Winners

Hosted live from the Main Stage at the Anaheim Convention Center and broadcast to viewers around the world, the Talent and Costume contests are a highlight at BlizzCon -- and this year proved no different. We laughed, we cried, we cheered. More importantly, we were amazed by the exceptional amount of talent displayed by all of our participants.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of these two contests, as well as the winners of our online Fan Art and Movie contests. Their creativity and passion have helped to make BlizzCon 2014 one to be remembered.


CostumeContest_BC14_WilsonEmpress_Lightbox_CK_145x280.jpg CostumeContest_BC14_ZimmermanMalfurion_Lightbox_CK_145x280.jpg
First place -- Brandi Wilson 
(Grand Empress Shek'zeer)
Second place --  Ralf Zimmermann 
(Malfurion Stormrage)
CostumeContest_BC14_HodgsonVashj_Lightbox_CK_145x280.jpg CostumeContest_BC14_JansenTyrande_Lightbox_CK_145x280.jpg
Third place -- Beth Hodgson 
(Lady Vashj)
Fourth place -- Laura Jansen



First place -- Awesome City Limits


Second place -- Have No Fear


Third place -- Recap


Fourth place -- Chemical X

Fan Art


First place -- Chenbo "I Remember Your Eyes"


Second place -- Andrew Kuzinskiy "Who's Next?"


Third place -- Daniel Orive Gomez "Grommash the Conqueror"


First place -- Mushanga (Jeffrey Cuiper) "The Sore Loser"

Second place -- OrangeKitten (Peter John Stoll) "StarCraft: Evacuation"

Third place -- Nixxiom (Thomas Smith) "Westfall Pumpkins"