BlizzCon® Day 1 Wrap-Up

Such an eventful first day at BlizzCon®! We've had an awesome time with everyone so far, and we look forward to another glorious day of games, eSports, and Blizzard-y excitement tomorrow. A lot went down, and your head may still be spinning, so we've collected all of the big news and put it in one blog! 

Check out some of the main highlights from today:

World of Warcraft

During the opening ceremony, we announced the fifth World of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor!

The new expansion sends players to the untamed world of Draenor, where they’ll walk among heroes from Warcraft’s brutal history and take command of their very own Garrison.

Check out the preview trailer, and get ready for a fight of mythic proportions: Click here for the preview trailer

Heroes of the Storm

We gave everyone a fresh new look at Heroes of the Storm, our free-to-play online team brawler starring the champions and villains of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo universes. Take the nearest transdimensional vortex to the new Heroes of the Storm website, where you’ll find out more about the game and our epic cast of heroes.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

The nephalem gathered in the Anaheim Convention Center got a chance to try out the newly unveiled Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for PlayStation 4, which wraps Acts I-V of Diablo III together in one sinister package. Read more about it here!

The developers also went into more detail on Reaper of Souls’ features, including the all-new Adventure Mode, which turns the world of Sanctuary into a giant battlefield by giving players the freedom to explore and play wherever they like. Find out more!

StarCraft II

At the StarCraft II panel, the team gave an update on some of the exciting additions and changes coming in Patch 2.1 -- check out the summary for details: Link

Today also brought some incredible, world-class eSports competition as the best of the best duked it out during day one of the WCS Global Finals. Follow all the action, standings, news, and VODs by heading to the WCS Portal.


Players gathered ‘round to learn about the newly revealed iPhone and Android versions of Blizzard’s upcoming free-to-play card game, while the designers dug into some of the key changes coming to the game—including some cool updates to Ranked play. Read more here!

Oh—and the BlizzCon Mystery Minion has been unveiled!

Contest Winners

This year's contest were amazing. Awesome talent hailing from around the globe. All the entries gave our judges a run for their money, making it extemely hard to choose the victors. These grand prize winners truely deserve their prizes.

Talent Contest: Song Hammer
"We are the Horde"
Costume Contest: Svetlana Quindt
"Protoss Wizard"

Movie Contest: Patrick James
"Raid Therapy"

Art Contest: Beyard Wu
"It's Show Time"