eSports at BlizzCon

Heroes of the Storm

HGC Finals

A yearlong saga that has unfolded through regular, weekly league play reaches its climax at the HGC Finals. L5 (formerly known as Ballistix) will be defending their title against the best Heroes of the Storm teams in the world, including veteran players and rosters such as James 'Bakery' Baker and the rest of Team Dignitas, who will be making their third consecutive appearance at BlizzCon. Impressive as that may be, Fnatic are the team to beat this time around after their win at the Mid-Season Brawl in June. MVP Black from Korea cannot be ignored either, having gone undefeated since early August. North American hopefuls Roll20 Esports will join China's Super Perfect Team among the sixteen rosters in contention for the HGC Finals trophy in Anaheim. With $1,000,000 on the line and more teams than ever before, the HGC Finals are shaping up to be a blockbuster for the history books.

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