Here’s to BlizzCon 2023...

At long last we gathered to embrace friends, old and new.

We immersed in our favorite worlds, exploring every nook and cranny.

We cheered the Alliance and roared for the Horde.

We teamed up to fight valiant battles.

We rejoiced, played, shopped, and traded.

We discovered new characters and tried new games.

We honored stories of the past and peeked over the horizon for glimpses of what’s to come.

We walked with heroes and villains.

We posed and shared.

We cosplayed, marched, and reveled in our individuality.

We screamed our heads off and rooted for the best team to win.

We feasted, toasted, danced, and hung out.

We oohed and ahhed, and expressed our love for our community.

One of us even proposed up on stage!

It was a lot, but dang, it was worth the wait.

Until we all meet again!

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