Fresh Viewing Options for Esports

The thrill of esports competition during Opening Week will once again set the stage for championship celebrations at BlizzCon in Anaheim, and watching every game of every match will be easier than ever in 2017. Fans can keep it locked to and catch all of the esports action without buying the Virtual Ticket or head over to Twitch or to find a dedicated channel for your favorite esports event.

The Virtual Ticket is a great way to get all of the streamed content BlizzCon has to offer before, during, and after the big show. Esports fans will get an enhanced viewing experience, with no third-party commercials, while cheering for their favorite players and teams. The Virtual Ticket package includes the BlizzCon All Access Channel that will offer live updates throughout the event, including breaking news and exciting moments from the esports stages.

The schedule is set and Heroes Global Championship (HGC), StarCraft II (WCS), and the WoW Arena Championship esports events kickoff the festivities beginning with Opening Week. Those competitions will come to their epic, championship conclusions on a BlizzCon stage in Anaheim, along with exciting finales for the Overwatch World Cup and the Hearthstone Inn-vitational!

Esports competitions and available language streams* include:

Hearthstone Inn-vitational

Stream Language
Gamers Origin French
ArmaTeam French
eVoX Italian
BlackFireIce Polish
Starladder Russian
OGSeries Spanish
Playbrain Japanese
Comarox Portuguese (LatAm)
HearthstoneKR Korean
OkyQ Spanish (LatAm)
4GAMERS Mandarin
XGamer Cantonese

Overwatch World Cup

Stream Language
OverwatchFR French
OverwatchDE German
Gdivision Italian
Hypedgg Portuguese
OverwatchRU Russian
SnasGG Spanish
Blinku Polish
Gdivision Italian
Media Muse Korean
Vecet Portuguese (LatAm)
rkt Spanish (LatAm)
Playbrain Japanese
TeSL Mandarin
Toppa Esports Production Cantonese

WCS Global Finals – StarCraft II

Stream Language
O'Gaming French
TakeTV German
ESL Poland Polish
Indy StarCraft Polish
EmStarcraft Polish
StarLadder Russian
CranK  Korean (Opening Week Only)
VIU Studio Portuguese (LatAm)
StronGer Spanish
Adrrich Gaming Spanish (LatAm)
ESRanking Mandarin
Element Italian
AfreecaTV Korean
Afreeca TV Korean (StarCraft Remastered)

World of Warcraft Arena Championship

Stream Language
Inven Korean
Sublex German
Fritterus Russian
Krawnz Spanish
Las Aventuras de Perle Spanish (LatAm)
NandaWoW Portuguese (LatAm)

HGC Finals - Heroes of the Storm

Stream Language
Heroes CZSK Czech
HotS Finland Finnish
GameWard French
Millenium TV French
TazzDingo German
YouBetterKnowMe German
Westen Hungarian
Commoro Polish
Qp3r Russian
Sarly21 Spanish
Top Tier Spain Spanish
Awesome Streamers Spanish
Zullhammer Spanish
Mewtwo Portuguese (LatAm)
HorussTV Spanish (LatAm)
BlizzHeroesKR Korean
Elite Mandarin

The menu of esports tournaments live streams is robust and covers the full seven days of events so you can enjoy Blizzard Esports at BlizzCon your way!

*Please note that not all language streams will be available at all times.