The Darkmoon Faire Returns to BlizzCon!

Azeroth’s most majestic, magical faire has been summoned to Anaheim once more, bringing fun, games, and wondrous sights for all!

If you’re attending this year’s BlizzCon in person, you’d be remiss to miss Silas Darkmoon’s exotic travelling carnival. Silas and his crew were last spotted unloading crates of curiosities on the third floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, where they’ll be setting up this year’s Darkmoon Faire.

There’ll be rare loot to buy and trade, cute critters to adopt, and enchanted machines that can capture moving images of you and your party. You’ll also have opportunities to chat with Blizzard developers, artists, and community managers at the Community Amphitheater and Creative Collective Stage! Here’s what you’ll find once you traverse the Darkmoon Path . . . 

Darkmoon Faire - BlizzCon 2015

Creative Collective Stage
Join the artists, designers, and engineers who bring your favorite Blizzard games to life as they give live demonstrations on the BlizzCon Creative Collective Stage. Read more here, and see the schedule for a list of sessions.

Voice Actor Stage
Join us on the Voice Actors’ Stage for lively discussions, in-depth conversations, and zany antics with the amazing actors who bring our characters to life—including your favorite voices from World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm . . . and for the first time ever, Overwatch! Stop by to enjoy intimate conversations, lively re-enactments, and rowdy radio plays from all your favorite games. Check out the sessions on the schedule.

Community Amphitheater
Enjoy a friendly chat with developers from a variety of Blizzard games, meet Blizzard community managers, and interact with streamers and other familiar faces from around the community.

Publishers Row
Enchanted tomes and lore books abound at Publishers Row, featuring five different publishers all selling Blizzard-related books. Come peruse the amazing selection, meet some of the authors, and have your books autographed at the Blizzard Author Autograph booth!

Pin Trading Booth
Track down Blizzard Collectible Pins around the convention, and then head to the Pin Trading Booth in the Darkmoon Faire to swap, trade, and purchase new pins and collectible items to complete your collection—keep an eye on for more details coming soon. 

Capsule Toy Depot
Try your luck at this popular returning attraction! Purchase a token, then plunk it into one the Faire gnomes’ marvelous machines for a random Blizzard capsule toy. Trade with fellow convention-goers to fill out your collection!

Timewalker’s Trading Post
Step back in time to discover the key to completing your collections! Vinyl figures, Funko POPs, and previous years’ collectibles will reappear for a limited time to give you the opportunity to complete your past sets—your purchase could even make you eligible to claim a prize from BlizzCons past . . . or travel to the future and win a yet-to-be-released Blizzard collectible! 

The Pet Battle Masters of the Darkmoon Faire have set up a special shop for those seeking to bolster their real-life plushy pet collection. Head to this booth and adopt a fluffy, squishy, inanimate new friend.

Temporary Tattoos and Face Painting
What carnival would be complete without costumes? Represent your favorite faction, character, or game with Blizzard-themed tattoos and face painting.

Animated GIF Booth
The mystic Darkmoon mages have enchanted some S.E.L.F.I.E. cameras to produce mystical moving pictures! Snap a series of photos with your friends, and turn them into an animated GIF to share with the world.

Ignore the eyes that blink and stare, and make your way to the third floor to find the Faire!