BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay Round-Up

Every BlizzCon, we are amazed by the costumes put together by our exceptionally talented community.  Not only do we have the pleasure of seeing everyone strut their stuff at the Costume Contest live from the Main Stage at the Anaheim Convention Center, but we also love seeing all the amazing cosplayers snapping pictures and hanging out with everyone during the event. We are excited to bring some of BlizzCon 2015’s cosplay highlights to you.

Costume Contest Finalist

These are the epic finalists from the Costume Contest this year. If you’re looking for more coverage of this event, or the winners for the Talent or Fan Art Contests, then follow this link to the BlizzCon 2015 Contest Winners

From the Main Stage

We had over 100 attendees walk the Main Stage during BlizzCon to show the world their amazing costumes, and here are a few of the many highlights. 



From the Floor

No cosplay round-up would be complete without highlighting some of the amazing costumes attendees wore during the event.  There’s nothing quite like turning a corner and running into Blackhand.



From the Booth

This year we set up a photo booth in the Darkmoon Faire for all attendees. Of course, some of our talented cosplayers took full advantage of it, and here are some of the wonderful photos we got!